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The Dead Beat

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Anti-Fame, Cody James, Dan Holloway, Sean McGahey
Dead Beat ~ Cody James

Cody James


The Dead Beat, by Cody James

Available as an ebook for £2 NOW

Available as a paperback for £6 NOW

Available in a one-off hand-numbered edition with extra material for £6 from 1 November 2010. This will also entitle you to free entry to all eight cuts live events. For life. E-mail to reserve a copy.

Read the Reviews!

“the dialog combines the exhausted humor of a night that never ends with the polish that a truly first rate writer brings” (read the full review by Marc Horne)

The Dead Beat is pitch-perfect in its portrayal of the frenetic aimlessness of restless minds for whom the most pressing issues are getting the laundry done and fretting over ‘trying to decide what to do…gives a voice to the dead-beat generation and, in juxtaposing abhorrent lifestyles with poignant introspection, evokes sympathy for the human tragedy that lies within its blackest heart.” (read the full review on Bookrambler)

The Dead Beat is darkly beautiful. Buy it. Read it. Read it again.” (read the full review on Decoding Static)